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I know you may find this a stupid question. I haven`t been in chat at all, so how does it work? What gets you kicked out, do you chat with actually speaking or typing, ETC. That is what I want to know.
Sorry if my question is stupid, but I want to know before entering for the first time.

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Okay, Pokemaster may have already answered, but I have to say something.

  • Do not go into chat if you are not mature in the least. Sometimes chat can get so vulgar and sometimes profanity plagues it, so you should be careful who you tell a joke to, because people here apparently like to rant.

  • Do not not listen to experienced users. Just don't, because a lot of the time:

  • They have a moderator friend who can kick you,
  • They have more experience and are usually correct in certain arguments.

  • Don't say anything retarded. This is more of a get-friends type of thing, and this will make you seem like an idiot. No one really wants to talk to someone who talks like an idiot, so...

If I think of anything else, I'll add it here. Any ideas guys?

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lol You have a double negative in there under your second point.

Don't overeact. Generally there can be teasing and such so it's best just to go "haha funny". And if you're unsure about something ask. I find its relatively easy to work out what is a serious debate over some lighthearted chat.
Sciz logic ;P
Thanks, thoes tips will come in helpful for me.
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Just go in and see....

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Sorry Pokemaster, but I don`t want to enter chat and instantly get kicked out just because I`m inexperianced  and was never there before.