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This is for two main reasons:

so - Adam can be longer the at the top of the online users box

1) So new users are familiar with the authority system. Let's be real here, a lot of users register only for chat so this would benefit them.

2) It would make chat look a bit more, aesthetic? Currently all we have is the chat, and a box saying who is online. I also think it help who is expert, editor etc.

Hope this suggestion suffices and thanks for reading like 3 paragraphs.

I think this suggestion was ruled out because people will misbehave when a mod isn't around.
That's why mods go idle, because when there's no mod around you young'uns go wild in there.

And I'll have you know the exclamation point places higher than the hyphen in the chat box. ~
Indigo! Do you remember me?
To be honest I rarely see mods on chat, maybe that's becuase I'm in the UK etc. I still think this would be a good idea, and mature people in chat already moderate it slightly.
Oh, you're that Adam! Yes, I remember you! Hello! :D
Yes, Adam from England! Yay, hello!

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