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Some users on this site only visit every few months or so, and some may be idle for long periods of time. Sometimes when they come back, they do not know who certain people are or if someone they knew has changed their username. Users do not always put their username changing history in their "about me" section, so I think there should be a specific section showing all the times when a username was changed, what it used to be, and what it is now. What do you think?

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Umm..Well, I do not hold any power here but I can confidently say that won't happen. It's not a bad idea, but everyone has an "about me section" on there profiles, so you can just see there as most people simply put there username changes there instead. One click isn't too much to ask of really.

I know that some people don't use their about me section, but if they can't be bothered to do that why would they be bothered to fill out something on a whole new section? so I doubt this will happen. I mean, you could just ask them.There is know harm done in not knowing if someone has changed name. Plus, recent name changes stay up on the actual "Name rater" for a good amount of time.

Mod's feel free to hide this if you think that the idea isn't too bad I guess...


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Short, simple and sweet:

This has been suggested before, but Pokemaster put it down because people can simply write it, and if they're too lazy to do that it's their problem. I still haven't put up my past five username changes xD

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