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I'm no Mod, so I only have a vague idea on what you can track, but I thought of this:

Say a guy by the name of SlightlyBlueSlightlyPurple goes on chat and
flames Indigo. Ninja kicks him. No big deal, right?

Since he hasn't made a post, he changes his name to ImJaJaAndISak and starts flaming JarJar, pretending to be someone different. A mod kicks him, thinking he is a different person.

He then changes his name to AyanIsPoo and flames and threatens Ayan. A mod who just got on chat kicks him, thinking he is a different person.

And it goes on and on and on...

I say when there's a repeat offender like this, we should have a page that goes back on foreign nicknames. Say Ninja wants to look this guy up, and goes to "SlightlyBlueSlightlyPurple"'s page. If there's no existing user with that name, it automatically redirects you to the page of the current name, or "AyanIsPoo"'s page.

*DISCLAIMER: This is just an idea. It can be hid, changed, or deleted at will. I have great respect for Indigo, JarJar, Ayan, Ninja, and any other civilized users on the site [pokemondb.net/pokebase].*

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I cannot type my own name in the user page so if I were to write Arcarmon then I could be redirected!
Excellent idea !
Indigo: http://imgur.com/S0mvl0B
gg, got rekt.
I dunwanna be rekt tho ;~;
Also, JarJar, Pokemaster stated that it would be incredibly hard to post the name changing history of someone on their profile automatically. He says it's really hard. :3
I feel so special :')
BTW love the idea, +1.

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Mods can see the IPs of users, so changing usernames doesn't help troublemakers when you can see the identical IP across "multiple" usernames. If they're being a repetitious hassle, you can just ban them.

And yes, with the way the database usernames are coded, a username history/redirection wouldn't be possible, or at the very least, complicated to implement. The format for displaying a user page is:

www.pokemondb.net/[website section]/user/[username]

If a script was enabled to change the address name according to the user, there would be dead links all over the DB for certain users' old names. Not to mention there'd be a mess of extra links acting as redirects on the user list. My guess would be that Pokemaster's software can only label username pages in this way. If our profiles were categorized by a unique ID number (pokebase/user/27510700) instead of our name, there wouldn't be a problem as far as I can see, but the framework of the website right now just can't support it.

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