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Idk if its just my cpu, but why are they all upside down?

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It is just your computer xDDDD

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Up is down, down is up. It's a subtle comment on this crazy world we live in.

And what is April Fools? Don't you people like our new design?

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Happy Apirl Fools Day! PM decided to change everything for the day from what I've gotten. It's temporary. We will get our normal site back soon :D (hopefully)

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I don't think this is for April's Fools..
The numbers are up-side down :/ you tell me if that's not a prank.
PM must be drunk idk.
^ Lmfao xD Also the gravatars are up-side down
It's April Fool's, JCM. Pokemaster was on chat earlier.
Well he can be drunk and be on chat....What's your point?
oh lol its still march in America hahaha
@ JCM: Is it not obvious to you? He said it was for April Fool's.
And yeah, Pokemaster drunk? lolwut
Didn't he replace all the sprites with Missingno. last year? That's what I remember at least.
April fools?
The site was always like this
Why is this down-voted? Just wondering
Lol ^ Thats true
lol it's not it upvoted. PM also filped those things too
I assume it was downvoted but voted back up, PX ;)