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I know it's april fools, but I kinda like this font...

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Yeah, I'm really lovin' it. +1
I agree. It's a really nice change, in my opinion.
Yeah... I don't really like it much actually.

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Ewww, really?

So Mewderator and Cyndaquil Guy (formerly Pokemon Dude) and maybe others want to keep the font because they have no taste. If you use Chrome or Firefox you can set custom styles in your browser using an extension.

See http://userstyles.org and install the extension. Then do this in Chrome:

  1. Go to the extension options.
  2. Click "write new style".
  3. In the box box put this code:

     body, div, p {
         font-family: "Comic Sans MS" !important;
  4. Click "Specify" then select "URLs on the domain" and put pokemondb.net then click "Add".

  5. Click "Save" on the left.

I haven't done it in Firefox so it may be a little different. Figure it out yourself ;)

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Yes, really :3
I agree!
I have Chrome!
What about safari? ;_;