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I see there's a lot of controversy over banning them. I came up with a solution that I hope works out for everyone. Mind you this is only a suggestion. We would allow the questions under the following conditions:

-the questions are only allowed on the meta. (this prevents people from having the points there to have bias in the results, as well as the fact that answers to these questions are not facts. Since the main beneficiary of the questions is the person asking the question, it would not affect the scores, but merely helps them learn more)

-No teams for In-game runs. (I notice this is one of the main ones that annoy people, as you have the level constraints, limited movesets, and have to take into account level, the available pokemon, and several other factors. There is also tons of leeway as to the needed level to beat a player. One trainer could beat the champion with pokemon all 10 levels lower than the champion, while another trainer might not be able to)

-The teams must be complete. (asking people to fill in moves for them defeats the purpose of rating their team. It no longer becomes "rating" and becomes "please make my team for me."If you have the whole team complete, people can at least work with that and make changes from there.)

-Questions should give as much information as possible- (this means putting more than just the six pokemon. Have the pokemon, movesets (with a brief explanation why you chose that move), item, nature, EVs, gender (if needed), and the tier you are battling if you use tiers.)

-Have images of the pokemon, along with bold titles of the moves. (this is just to make them more appealing to read, and with the new format, this should be easier to do. an example of what I'm talking about is below.)

I made a template below of what a question would look like using Typhlosion.



EVs-252 Sp Atk, 252 Sd, 4HP

item-Choice Scarf

Eruption-STAB, works well at high health.

Flamethrower-STAB, this is for when his health runs low and blaze activates. It takes the place of eruption.

Extrasensory-Deals with Blaziken and Infernape.

Hidden power [Ice]-Covers ground weakness while dealing with major OU dragons.

Do you guys think this is a good compromise for both parties?

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I like this idea. Any RMT that didn't meet the template and requirements would get a warning. Maybe wait 12-24 hours, and if it isn't fixed, hide it?
You got the idea about the images. I just got the first one I saw as an example. It's just to make it a bit more appealing to the eye. It's not required though. I guess they might help with some of the people who don't know all the names of all the pokemon. (like me)
This was An amazing suggestion.
I don't think images should be required. I just export my teams from PO, so I don't spend a ton of time writing up the question.
I love this suggestion but also you have to keep in mind that many people don't read the rules or whatever this will get posted in before asking such questions
Howeveeeer, I think it should still be possible to ask such questions for ingame teams
why should we have evs? evs arent a necessity.
This looks so much more cleaner and frescher, i love it! i also agree with the idea of having images, it is truly more appealing that way plus not boring to read, i definitely agree with this idea DT.

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Dunno why I posted this as a comment originally, but anyway... Agree on pretty much everything, except:

  • Instead of clogging up meta with those questions - because meta is really useful for me ;) - I can make another section in the same vein as meta for RMTs.
  • I don't see a need for images in every post, especially large images like that. Maybe the sprites would be OK, but I think the formatting is plenty, with bold etc.

So it's likely I will do this soon.

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