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Full teams only: In general this means 6 Pokemon for 6v6 singles. Doubles teams would be 4 Pokemon. If you don't have a 6th Pokemon then put something in and say you are not sure about it and would like more suggestions.


Maybe we should either change this rule or disallow "Rate my [insert single Pokemon here]" questions, since it's prone to some confusion?

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Pokemaster has said they are compliant with the rules. I for one like the concept that you can make a post to get feedback on a certain set.

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This is where thy Pokemaster says it is allowed.

>Pokemaster edit: Just so the mods and editors are aware, I am letting this one slide at the moment so please do not remove it.

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So is that a one off scenario or are all single Pokemon Q's allowed (as long as they give full info)?
All single pokemon Q's, giving everything that is required.
Okay cool; just saying that the rule on the rules page is contradictory, so new users might not know.
I remember when I first came back, and this mysterious thing called "Battle Subway" was there, I wanted some help on a Cincinno move set, and I got yell at so bad. xD It was such a scene. I outta tell that story sometime.
^ Case in point. XD