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I asked a question on the RMT, and it hasn't gotten an answer. Being on page 4, I doubt it'll get an answer. So, am I allowed to hide the old one, then ask it again?

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You can probably just "bump" the team up by posting a comment on it or editing it. That will get your team up to the top of the recent activity section. I don't think you can hide and repost though. That would be unfair, and if we did allow it, the RMT would basically be like a war or people reporting their teams and trying to get attention.
Honestly you're lucky to get a response in the RMT section. When you post an RMT, just know that the competitive part of this site isn't big enough for every team to be rated, so yours might not get a response.

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No. As fizz said, just bump it. But as he also stated it will likely not get an answer. The amount of users has increased dramatically over the last 6 months and we are now getting triple the amount of teams. This wouldn't have been so much of a problem if the amount of users willing to rate the had also increased dramatically. Even 6 months ago very few teams got rated. Maybe you could ask someone to give it a rate, don't bug them though.

Hopefully this will be much better when the forum arrives so users can just drop small comments instead of committing to an answer. The current comment system is far from ideal.

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If we could upvote sections of answers, that last sentence has my vote