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My account is seabass_<><_155 and before i think it was just seabass155

anyway, it's been a real long time I know, But i was thinking of becoming sorta active again and I need my account fixed a bit. The email I had it hooked up to is no longer active so Pokemaster, I need you to add my new one ([email protected])

Damn it sure has been a while

im posting with this account because i havent remembered my old password yet lol

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Pokemaster is currently on chat but he is idle so he may not see this right away :/
Yeah no problem, no rush. Also, Pokemaster, when you change the email, email me my old password too, and Delete This account (Seabass) i just made.
This site sure has grown since I joined. wow
Yep. Welcome back, Seabass :)
Seabass. Are they ill tempered?

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Sorry for the delay. I have switched the emails for the accounts. You can now go to the forgotten password and reset it yourself (put in your address).

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