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Question - On my "profile", it shows my questions and answers so far. In total, I have asked 2 questions and posted 2 answers on the PokeBase, and received 2 votes for one of my questions. Beneath this on my page, it says that I've received 3 up votes and 1 down vote. At first, I thought that my votes didn't add up but then I realised that it must be that one of my upvotes was cancelled out by a downvote on the same post.

That's fair enough, but then I wanted to see which post was downvoted to see if it was my fault or whatever... But because no downvotes are visible on any of my posts, I don't see how I can tell which post was downvoted. Please can someone tell me how I find this out?

Suggestion - If there's no way to know, then I would make a suggestion that on the voting bit of the page, where there is the up arrow and down arrow and in between, the total number of votes is displayed, maybe something beside it (much smaller), where the number of up votes and the number of downvotes is shown (one above the other could work well?) or maybe if you hover over the total, this information could appear? In theory, a "controversial" post may get as many up votes as down votes, and so it may appear that no-one voted on it, where in fact lots of people may have done.

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did you just get confused? On your profile it says votes gave out and votes received, and next to questions asked, it says (2 best answers given). It's possible that you just looked at the wrong one xD.

At the moment, only Mods and Pokemaster can see who gave a downvote to who. so there is little way of telling on a particular question/answers.
I don't think I was confused, I'm pretty sure it said I'd received 3 up votes and 1 down vote. I hadn't given any yet because I couldn't at the time. Anyway yeah I guess like Pokemaster says, 1 downvote's not really important :)

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Thanks for the suggestion. Currently there is no way to see which posts had exactly how many up/down votes. I can check in the database but that's a hassle.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter if you get a few down votes here or there.

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You're right, in the bigger scheme of things it really doesn't matter. It sounds like a pain to check the database! It now says I have 6 upvotes and still only 1 downvote, so I'm not really concerned about it anymore. The reason I was worried was because at the time I had only 4 votes in total, and I'm still fairly new, so 25% negative feedback seemed pretty bad. So I wanted to check that the downvoted post wasn't in some way breaking the rules so I could edit or remove it before further embarrassment and shunning happened, but I couldn't tell which one it was. I suppose I thought it might have been worth implementing purely because if the original poster can't even tell which of their posts has been downvoted, doesn't that defeat the point of downvoting? But then on the other hand, like you said, one or two downvotes don't really make a difference. If something's really bad, it should get enough downvotes to make it obvious which post it was. :)