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I think you should be able to go to a users profile and click an "Add to ignored" button, just like with the Favorites. I know that people might just ignore moderators but idk, or maybe it can't work on moderators... or maybe it can only be accessed if you have a certain amount of points. I don't know, I just think that there should be an "Ignore this user" button.

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Make it.
not a bad idea.  Mods should be able to overrun this just in case (if it happens), and be disable to disable it completely.  And yeah, perhaps a certain amount of points? It won't be that high, but something like 60-70.
Yes, I support this. People are just stupid sometimes.
sweet, we got a mod on board.
I like the idea but I doubt it would work. If you want to ignore someone then do so. If they continue to course trouble then complain, don't lash back. On posts and in chat if the you were to be in with a muted person then the chat is going to be really confusing. The points idea could be useful but there are plenty of users with points over 500 points who are just plain annoying/should have been banned ages ago.
Breaker has the right idea. Make this available after a certain amount of points (I don't know fifty maybe) but give mods the ability to overide or even take away the privilege if the use of it proves frivolous.
Pokemaster already said no twice. What if you answer on a q that the ignored guy already answered? Comments and chat? You miss pieces of convos. Sorry, but no.
Yea Blob's right; it's difficult to tell what's happening in chat if you've ignored someone. If someone's idiotic and/ annoying, just ignore like you normally do. If someone's being mean, then just report them.
i can agree with this but i would get ignored

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>To be honest I can't see this working. If you hide other people's posts, you'd miss out half the conversation, post answers when there is already an answer, etc.


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