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This is just off of memory, but doesn't fly only have 70 power in the first few generations?

In the pokedex entries, it shows 90

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Oh hello.....
Is that a giga?
Yes fly used to have a base power of 70 in the first three generations, this was changed in generation 4 to 90.
Guys, he knows that. He is asking for an error to be fixed.
why is asking it here, only game freak can help him
No no no. J1309, he means on this site. Flys power is listed as 90 for Gens 1, 2 and 3.
He is informing Pokemaster.
oh ok sciz, I know it's a little late to comment lol

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The move page for Fly shows the correct details. Pages such as Gen 3 learnsets still show the current power instead of what it was at the time. I've left this question open as a reminder to look into that in the future.