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Regular links work, but imgur links don't.

v Regular Internet link, sprite taken from the PokemonDB sprite gallery
enter image description here

v Imgur generated link
enter image description here

As you can see inserting an Imgur link produces an empty box. If anyone edits this and Re-inserts the link it will work just fine, but whether I insert it from my iPod or my Latop it won't work.

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um..... I dont know....
@Rowr! don't answer a question you don't know the answer to please.
@Ben ya it works fine for me on my phone Irdk what the problem is.

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You are not linking the image, you are linking a web page that has an image on it (several images, in fact). You are linking from this page when you should be linking from this one. :P

Hint: image URLs should always end in .jpg or .png or .gif

So you should get:

If I solved nothing I'll hide this xP Hope it helped though!

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Actually I'm getting the link from this page http://imgur.com/yOUwnnZ
Ok then I think just add the .jpg or whatever that part is part xP