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When I search this pokemon(fidgit) on this site's quick-search, it doesn't seem to come-up, why?

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It is because it is a CAP Pokemon. A thing Smogon runs where they bring the best community creations into a new metagame called CAP (create a Pokemon) after days of testing. Because of this it is not an official Pokemon, hence why it has no Pokedex entry.

So yeah it is a fake Pokemon but can be used on Showdown in the CAP playlist if you want to use it. Look here

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thanks, didn't know what CAP was:)
We had a CAP once :(
We still do.
what is it?
The cap?
yes. what is the cap pokemon?
CAP = Create a Pokemon.
It's a fan-made Pokemon, not official. Meaning the Pokemon company has not released it, and neither has Ken Sugimori made an official drawing.
but what is OUR cap pokemon