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Why cant i change my name??

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Well if you have not already changed your name then you can ask for your name to be changed here. But if you have already had your name changed by the name changer then you must wait 3 months. This is because Pokemaster has to manually change your name and it can be a hassle. It also prevents users from answering constantly, causing confusion on the site. Be patient. If you have not had your name changed on that page before then your free to answer on it.

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Blob your answer was great but I'm not sure you understand the problem. You can't change your name from your profile anymore because you have made a post on the main site. That's how it works, when you make your first post, you can no longer change your name via your profile. You must now use the PokemonDB Name Rater to change your name, but only every 3 months as Blob said.

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