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I like kevin, but he won't stop advertising for another site repeatedly on the chat,
Here is a copy paste of one of these messages.
Metal Kevin485
less than a minute ago
ADVERTIZING: Please Go on this website: and register and write or read stories Please

Its getting annoying, i'm not sure if its agaisn't the rules, but I figured I should report it, because its getting on my nerves.

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J98 i am so srry i will try to stop i am just trying to get that website to get really started. IT HAS ONLY 5 MEMBERS and if we got everyone here to be on that website it would be cool. And again i am srry J98

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Its cool, the advertising was getting on my nerves, and i'm 90% sure its agaisn't the rules, so I posted it here, just don't do it again in the future.
OK just make sure you tone it down. It's fine to mention it occasionally but telling every single person who comes into chat is annoying for everyone. Most people probably don't care about your site (no offense, I'm sure it's great and all).
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