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If you've seen an advert on the site that you think is inappropriate, please report it here. As I explained here I have spent a fair bit of time trying to make sure the ads we display here are suitable for all ages and have blocked dozens of ads and ad networks. But advertisers are constantly trying to work around the system.

So if you see an inappropriate ad, firstly don't click on it. Please take a screenshot, upload it somewhere (e.g. and post an answer here with a link to the image.

To clarify, by "inappropriate" I generally mean something that's either misleading, or something that isn't suitable for all ages (like sexual references). It does not mean something that you simply disagree with (example: a game you don't like).

Do weird dating ads count? ("Meet hot asian women near you!" sort of things)
PM, I've been meaning to ask you, do Adblockers affect site revenue a lot? I just realized I have mine on ALL the time, and was curious how much an Adblocker from one individual IP address impacts the site and its revenue. I'll disable it, if you want me to...
@Rex One person individually makes very little difference. But if everyone is the same then it does make a bigger difference. I also use adblock but I disable it on sites I visit frequently. But no worries - at the moment the ads pay enough to cover the hosting costs so do what you like :)
@Pokemaster  Standard Adblock is a virus, you know that right?
How recent do you want the ad screenshot to be? I have quite a few screenshots of inappropriate ads, but some of them are from a while ago, as I haven't had a way to report them until now. Would it still be useful to post these here?
@Mega_Septile yes that's fine, go ahead. I should still be able to block them.

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i heard ads were based on search history /j
Hey, maybe I should turn off Adblock  /s
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More ads to report.
I don't think of this counts, so i'd like to share.

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This is the first time I've seen this one. Positive that it's illegal.

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That ad specifically takes you to a scam website. Generally, ads with those big "PLAY FREE" buttons take you to a website that asks you to add an extension to your browser. Not exactly sure what the extension does, but I'm positive that it's malicious in some way.
Maybe we should get a volunteer to download all the extensions so we know for sure they’re harmful.
... If you'd like to risk downloading malware... :P
Thanks for the updates, I've blocked all the ones I could find (there were at least 2 different websites for each). Some of them didn't come up with any results, it may be the ads are old and were already removed by Google.

The "Pokemon Megas" game isn't a scam or malware as far as I can see. It may be violating Pokemon's copyright but that's not really for me to police, that's for TPC to take action if they want.
This ad is a virus: - I found out for myself by clicking it and my anti-malware blocked it (not that I wanted it's effects. I knew what it was when I first saw it!). It was on this site.