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kinda just fell into my head because I am 11

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In general, yes the site is fine. We moderate the Q&A pretty well. But we can't protect you from anyone swearing or talking about mature subjects on the chat room, so you may want to avoid the chat room.

Actually, I will soon be adding some Terms & Conditions to the site that say anyone under 13 (actually, anyone in general) uses the site at their own risk. There is a legal thing that means you must have specific measures in place if users are under 13 and I don't have the time, resources or effort to do that.

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This can be a good site for anyone as long as you follow the rules and have a decent amount of respect for authority.

Although some of our members have been spewing out profanity in the chat room ( Most of which are about 10 years old... )

This site has a pretty fair amount of morals, and as I said before, It can be a good site for anyone.

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DONT accuse me for swearing in chat. I've told this before and all this arguing about swearing is annoying and I DONT want to be Pokemaster's next victim to being reported (I AM 10)
Not accusing you, I actually don't think we've ever been on the chat at the same time, It was more directed towards, Mkevin,Metalord, and Pokemon Gamer...
When has Gamer ever sweared?
He has, you must have not been in there