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Since the Pokeball image this site and that extension have are the same, and when you click on of your pokemon it leads to this sites info on the pokemon.

I highly doubt it.
Pokemaster most likely would've said something about it/sarted a thread about it, and he hasn't so it probably wasn't created by him.
It’s probably just some guy using Pokémondb without permission.
I don't think the pokeball icon is copywritten by Pokemaster and linking to this site isnt "using it without permission", it's essentially free advertising and increases the cpm (clicks per minute) of the site.
Fascinating. And the Pokeball sprite doesn’t belong to Pokemaster.
Nope, it's created by somebody else. I hope it is clear now :)

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No, the extension is not by me or affiliated with PokemonDb. The developer contacted me a few days ago asking if it was OK to use the icon and link to the site. I said linking to the site is fine. I think they're going to change the icon though to avoid confusion.

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