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HlHey PokeMaster, it's ErickHill. yet again.

We as membera of your great site are aware of your personal family emergency and situation, and are aware that you can barely afford the time to Update the Site. Let us help out:

I suggest that we hire Drivers and "Author", Users who,under your permission and approval help to
- Update the Main Page on the latest News of Pokemon
- Correct mistakes in the Main Site
- Help develop the Forum

My idea of how this could work would be much similar to a Permission System; we ask you permission to Update the Site or Forum and you deem it worthy or not. If so, then you could temporarily endow us with the permissions or passcodes needed to Edit, and then when we are done you can check to see if the task was done to your liking, and at your leisure or according to your busy schedule. This project of course could further be developed as it emerges, but I'd figure I'd start now with a Question.

Again, we understand your situation, and hope to help you better improve your site.

Nominates Users

JamesBlob/Bloboyo: An Active User who's dedication and extensive knowledge of the Site could be best applied as an Author.

Fizzcube: Another Actively dedicated User who has strengths in constant Updates on the latest News and excellent literacy.

Ninja/Nindzya: One User who has a broad

Snce I was on a Mobile Device, it wouldn't let me scroll down.

Ninja. Nominayed as Driver as he has experience with Code, managed the DB Server

Scizornician: Same deal as with Ninja.
I'm up with helping out if PM needs it.
Yeah, this seems pretty good.

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Thanks for the suggestion. My dad is actually out of hospital now, so that situation is on the up.

But making changes so that everyone could contribute wouldn't have helped that particular situation as it would have taken ages to set it all up anyway :)

In the near future I definitely do want to allow contributions for more areas. Once I have the new site up, and then the forum, I will look into it.

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I would love to help. I have some good JS / HTML / jQuery knowledge, working on Python.
Great news for your dad Pm :]
And hope to see these changes soon!
That's good. No problem PM!