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It would be standardized so as to make it that Mew won't be able to offer 100 upvotes for his tournament.

I was thinking 1st place can get four upvotes, 2nd 3 upvotes, 3/4 1 upvote. This would be in each section of the site, for a total upvote count of 12, 9, 3.

I would also like people to comment on the voting amounts.

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Ist place 5, 2nd place 3, 3rd place 1.
This was an idea to get people to enter right? As well as a better prize for winning.

I'm sure we discussed this xD

Anyway, if I was a point hungry monster I would not enter.

I don't think anybody cares for points on meta, especially considering the majority of peoples points come from constant name changes, ban reports and things like tournaments and the database league. Just look at me and Ben.

I disagree with points on the RMT as its just voting teams up making them sound better than they are. I know that's me being picky. If the tournament was something like an OU tournament though (and the winner posted the team that won) then points could be given there. Most people do not care so much for points on RMT anyway. Poeple just want expert from Pokebase.

As for Pokebase, it is a good idea. That said 4 upvotes is nothing. Some people get 4 upvotes on a one word answer. Look at people like Fondant. Just yesterday she gained a good 300 points or so. As ridicules as this sounds, I would push for a much higher vote count because otherwise no one would enter for the 40 points. I would say 20 votes would be a minimum. Just 40 points is nothing. I would honestly say 20-50 votes :L

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No it's not okay to offer upvotes as prizes. That goes against what the Pokebase is for and basically means bad posts could be given many upvotes.

However, we do have the option to give bonus points, which I would be fine with. Anybody who wins a Pokemon tournament is obviously good at Pokemon and so would deserve more points here. I would say not more than 100 (for first) per tournament. Maybe 1st=100, 2nd=50, 3rd=20.

I will check if I can set mods to give bonus points. Otherwise just let me know when you are done and I can dish out the points.

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A functionality I did not know we had.