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A user called BangTrach(trachy, much?) came on chat, and posted a sex-related Pokemon Imgur. When I said I smelled a troll, he/she left. This needs checking into.

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Also posted a rather idiotic question, and a downvoted answer. JS.
It kind if freaked trachy out too :L
Aw that sounds hilarious.
Curse MK for keeping me from chat to witness trachy break down...
Was kind of like watching Haymitch fall off the reaping platform tbh. Hilarious xD
LOL guys. xD
I still wanted to watch what woulda happened.

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Nothing fishy about the IPs.
I swore I thought trachy made a troll dupe for a sec lol
So we're good, and this is an official warning. If you continue to do so, I will get out my canned spam and hit you with it.

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Rofl :3
Rdsl :3
You used my phrase o3o
Thanks Mew.