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Well Scizornician and I miss the DB server a lot and we are plotting to get another one, but since HF85 is MIA, we have no one to host the server. As long as everything goes well we'll be making another one and with any luck we'll get a popular server for DB users to use and to get our name out into the general showdown userbase. Okay so any of you who were on the last server know how cool it was, but to make another we'll need 2 things. The first thing we'll need is support, and all kinds of it, because what's a server without users? And the sceond thing we'll need, is a host. Sciz is the head of this operation, and I may be his trusty slave, but neither of us can host the server to actually make it and keep it going, as his computer probably couldn't handle it with all the crap already on it, and my computer wasn't worth the plastic it was made of when it was new. To fix this, we'll need someone to host the server, and that means that we'll need applicants..

Host Application

>In order to Volunteer to host the server, you'll need to answer this post. There will be requirements and rules for you, however, and once you're in you can't decide to back out a week later.

Host Requirements

  • A good quality computer (This means a REAL good computer. Note that generally laptops are bad for general hosting, because the hardware is just incapable. Be sure to check your Speed, as well as having a good Frame Rate. 60+ is a good start.)
  • The ability to keep your computer running 24/7, or close to it.
  • You must be at least a truster user, we prefer to not have any new users in complete control of the DB server, it just isn't a good situation.
  • Basic knowledge in coding

Rules for being a Host

  • There will only be one so if you apply and don't get chosen, don't feel bad
  • You will not be the ultimate authority, the server will belong to the PokemonDB, not the host. You will be helping by moderating the server and keeping it online, not owning the server. That is not to say you won't have a lot of power, you'll have admin, but you won't be making decisions such as who gets auth and other decisions that'll be effecting the server on a large-scale.
  • Scizornician can maintain it and such, all you have to do is update it occasionally with his changes.
  • You must commit. You can't decide after a month that you don't want to do it anymore.
  • You will have a crap-ton of power, and abuse of it will not be tolerated. That will go for any other auth as well.

Current Candidates: Hex

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A "server" is a certain page on Pokemon Showdown with several names, different users, authorities and ladders. Such include Kupo, Oriserver, or Shinx's Server.

"Trusted" users are users that are active, liked, smart and trustworthy.
... Am I a "trusted" user? ...
Tbh, not really. 3 weeks is a short time.

And we already have things set.

@Ayan... no. A server is a system that responds to requests across a computer network to provide, or help to provide, a network service.
@Ninja oh then I can't help much cause I don't know any JavaScript
Btw here's the server not sure if final or not but IT"S HERE OMG

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I mentioned on the other thread that I should be able to help with this! I have just bought a brand new faster server for hosting this web site since we've been having some problems with being overloaded etc (which are likely to get worse as X&Y approaches).

I will still have the current server (which I use for hosting a couple other sites) so I should be able to set up the Showdown server on that. I looked at the instructions here and it' appears to be quite easy.

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Why would you think he isn't?? He wouldn't be the super admin otherwise :D
Diggin det head honchkrow
and again, I'm sorry I couldn't do it. I'll help with anything possible :D
Oh. Yeah. I already knew that, but...
Wow, I looked at "quite easy" and thought it said "queasy".