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Come on people he has been bending over backwards for us for over a year and how do we repay him? We complain or threaten to leave because the update is taking to long. He is only human we can't expect him to snap his fingers and fix the problem immediately. We tell him we have a problem he says he is working on it and we just have to bear with him until he can fix it. Lets just be thankful for what he has done so far:

I'm thankful for the main site

Which attracted me here two years ago

Im thankful for the pokebase

Which changed me from an EVless noob to the expert I am today

I'm thankful for the chat

Where I made new friends

I'm thankful for the meta

Where we can help with our ideas

I'm thankful to pokemaster

for listening to our ideas and complaints without getting upset

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I would vote this a MILLION times if I could. Im sick of the bickerring from people, and if we didnt have Pokemaster, bI dunno what wolud have happend.\

everybody, vote up!
I didnt even need to see who wrote this to know it was you sf.
i wish i can vote this up >< pokemaster and this site has help my cousin and i(especially my cousin) become a 'true' pokemon champion :D
I can't believe DT was leaving. Unbelievable.

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Thanks for the support.

Yeah I'm working as hard as I can on the site, around a life (and my day job). Doing this stuff does take a lot of time and effort so I appreciate everyone's patience!

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Pokemaster your the best thank you for all the hard work i thank you too on behalf of my cousin we both shall be sincere to your never ending helpfulness and marksmanship(i've no idea what this means XP)