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Well, he's back (which most of us here dispised at first) but his behavior has changed. He stopped down voting and is complimenting people's answers. I thought he deserved a second chance. And if you don't believe me, check this:

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That comment was made a week ago. He was banned after that comment was made. He did say a few things were good, but for the most part, he just voted stuff down for the hell of it. due to Pokemaster's ban, he was unable to vote on anything even if he wanted to, so that' why he stopped voting down. Don't forget about all the rude things he said to other people, and his lack of cooperation, spamming, and overall stupidity. Needless to say, the overwhelmingly negative things he brought here are not needed.

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just wait for DJ12
if there is a DJ12 im gonna be going mad on meta
hes probably only saying those things to cover his bad up and make people think hes a innocent and did nothing wrong.
He is not back. His last post was a week ago, before he was banned. He has not been on since he has been banned.
great look for DJ13 if a DJ12 gets banned