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Should we hide them?

Stuff like:

"Why is Jirachi a psychic type"
"Why is this done this way"
"Why is this like this"

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there is a hard one on the pokebase and no1 haa answered it. It has been there for 8 days now. I would answer it but It seems like to much work to start with. It is about the Eon timer thingy.
Well I say, they should either make their question more clear or- after two weeks and nobody can answer it, remove it.
I agree with firesource. It can't stay there forever. Unanswerable questions must be hidden. Useless questions like  the ones you posted should be hidden aswell. They are just a waist of time.
I don't think that sort of question is the one he is talking about. The Eon Timer thing is answerable, just nobody knows enough about it to answer the question. He seems to be talking about Game Freak Logic questions.

For these type of questions, I've always thought of it as give reasonable conjecture. For example, the answer to the question of why Jirachi and Doom Desire are Steel. I keep these type of questions up. I do hide stuff that you can't even give a reasonable answer to, such as "Why is Pikachu a mouse?"

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Things like "Why is Jirachi a psychic type" are definitely answerable, even if the answer is just "because it has psychic powers" ;) I'm sure people answering can expand on that a bit.

For general "Game Freak logic" questions, they should be hidden if there really is no answer other than "because that's what they decided". Do consider the question though, because there is often a good answer like "they wanted to balance something out".

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