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for example is asking for a website that is illegal these questions may ruin the good name of the pokebase. i think that Rom, Emulater, piracy, or illegal download questions should be banned.


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Here are my thoughts on the subject. I don't think we should completely ban the use of the terms emulator or rom etc, because they are out there, there's no point pretending they aren't.

Also, we already have a few questions on them, here and here. So we don't need any more.

But the main thing is, I would like to avoid linking out to dodgy sites just to be on the safe side, legally and to protect users from viruses and stuff.

Finally. Someone agrees that they shouldn't be completely banned!
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"What kind of questions can I NOT ask?

Poll-type questions like "What is the best Pokemon?" - these questions have no right answer, it's just everyone's opinions.

Vague questions like "Is this a good pokemon team?" - please make it more specific, for example "How can I improve my team?" and including more information. All team questions must have all the Pokemon and all their moves, plus abilities, items and EVs if known.

Moveset questions* - we already have a huge set of questions dedicated to this! Just search for the word 'moveset' with the pokemon name, e.g. 'moveset metagross' to find some great suggested movesets. If you think you have a great moveset, post it as an answer to the question, and others will vote it up or down accordingly.

Questions about online Pokemon RPGs - they are unofficial web sites with their own rules; go and ask them if you have a problem.

Battle/trading requests are not allowed as questions, but you can use the chat room to organise them if you like. You can also add your Friend Code(s) to your profile.

If you have a question about how this site works, or suggestions for Pokebase or the main site please ask it on our meta-site here."

These kinds of questions are already banned. Personally, I know that tons of sites have information on these. Having them won't sully the site's name, if it were as bad as you say they are, they would have taken more action years ago. But since they're against the rules, we'll still ban them.

hmmm...I´m not sure if this is an answer...ROMs may be official, "only" illegal