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Banning Problems / Errors:

  • Banned users can view chat: This was initially reported here by user Absol. Banned users can still view chat, for some reason. As you made changes to the site, maybe something got changed in the process regarding this. trachy banned me recently as a test, and banned users can only see the "Users Online" box. You might want to try to fix this. Their names bring instant hatred to all of the users on the DB. :P

  • Banned users can edit their profiles: This can let them post inappropriate comments, words, and links due to their anger over their ban. I think something changed here during the update as well, because I believed that banned users did not have the ability to edit anything before.

  • Banning sometimes won't cover all 3 sections of the PokemonDB: As shown here, sometimes when a user is banned, the user isn't banned in all 3 sections.


  • Expert / Editor Kicking: Yes, this was mentioned many times. Moderators aren't always on chat; in fact, some of them are quite inactive. Sometimes, they never show up when a troll or someone doing inappropriate stuff on chat. However, Editors and our many Experts are often online whenever something happens, and can easily stop the DramaBase from occuring once again. Having Editor and Expert kicking can solve this. And make it so that Editors cannot kick Mods, and Experts unable to kick Editors and Mods.

  • Apply the censor to profiles: Banned users, or bad users in general, write inappropriate words on their profiles. I tested a word on my profile, and apparently, the censor does not work on profiles. Doing so may help the site become cleaner.

  • Give Moderators the power to edit profiles: Even when censoring words on profiles, there are obviously ways to get around that. Instead of using the actual "F" word, the can leave out the "c" in the word, leaving a abbreviated version of a still offensive word. Letting Moderators edit that can help prevent the Pokemon DramaBase if the user insults someone on their profile. L3thalSoul once called me a retard or something on his profile, and it took awhile for it to get removed. Moderators are definitely online more than Pokemaster, and waiting for him can sometimes be unreliable at times. Having Moderators do this will obviously be faster.

  • Have it so that banned users are unable to edit their profiles: So they don't insult the Moderator that banned them.

  • Install an IP scanner: An IP scanner would help Moderators facilitate the process of finding duplicate accounts without going to search through suspicious posts.

  • Don't let users see who hid / edited their posts: This has been a recurring issue. Lately it has been worse, users such as Challade are blowing steam at mods / editors for hiding their posts. The editing thing isn't as important as the hiding, but it would certainly be nice.

Will be edited as more errors / suggestions are revealed.

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