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Okay, this is one of the most annoying things I've seen done on this site. Are people really asking the best place to train? There is no "best" place to train. You can train your Pokemon anywhere, anyway. "Location" doesn't affect how the Pokemon grows. Places with high level Pokemon would help the most.

It's just very annoying too see people ask where they should train. It's like asking the DB where should I go out to eat. If you don't have enough common sense to know how to train your own Pokemon, then that's just ridiculous.

Examples of these questions

I think I'll stop here. There isn't a "best place" the answer is simple play the game, and your Pokemon will grow.

Yeah, now I think about it, it's usually pretty obvious.
And for going out to eat, might I recommend a Pizza Parlor in your area? I'm sure they'll have great Pizza and fries. <3!!!
Lol Rio. :7 Where would the DB be without your humor.
It'd probably be more sophisticated.
Not with people like Trachy here to make it more fun too
Lol Rio. I'd also recommend a good Subway Sub!
I second that motion, V-Creation.

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There are one or two "best places" in each game, i.e. areas with the highest level Pokemon. However you are right there are a few too many of these questions.

The Zweilous one for example isn't any different to the regular BW one, nor is any question about specific Pokemon or types - since most Pokemon should have multiple type moves they should be able to train in any place.

So we can definitely have one question for each set of games, but any new questions should be flagged as they are duplicates. I will check the questions you mentioned and hide/close the appropriate ones. Thanks.

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