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Lets take the news about the new Pokemon Honedge as an example.


Just put a comments box underneath the piece of news so we can share our comments about the new information. I know there's chat, but sometimes you just want to leave a comment about a new Pokemon, or see what other people think about a new type without getting into a discussion about it. Additionally, it's a bit annoying if people came onto chat and asked "what does everyone think about the new Pokemon?" multiple times. Having comments on the news page would allow everyone to see what's been said, since chat auto deletes old material.

All comments will be subject to DB rules (ofc) & only registered users can comment.

Too much work? Or not feasible?

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Love the idea. Be great place to discuss rather than the chat.
Great idea. I think many of us have wanted to share their opinion on things (especially with X and Y coming up), but haven't had the chance to do it. This would really satisfy those people.
I wouldn't make it too big because it would clog up the information page.
Well you could have it say Comments at the bottom right hand corner, and when you click that it takes you to the comment page.
or just hid the comments until they press the show comments button or somethin

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I have thought about this before and it's definitely something I want to do. Some time soon (hopefully) we will be having a forum on this site which will allow for discussion, so there will probably be a section to comment on the latest news.

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