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I was always looking up to your website for wordpress and question2answer bridges successfully installed and running.
today, I looked at the source code of your webpage, and I was shocked to find that there was no wordpress in it.
have you developed your own bridge, or are you still using wordpress.

I am curious just.

hoping for a reply
thanks in advance

give credit to bearpro. I don't think he realized you have to put it on meta.

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thanks for putting it in meta section.
want me too hide it, so you can ask it?
I din't got you.
Do you want me too hide this post so you can rewrite the question and get the points yourself?
No, its allright.
as long as it is answered, its  good.

I am looking for an answer to the question.
Okay. I just noticed that people kept yelling at you to put it in meta, so I did it. I didn't put a question in meta by accident and I got a down vote. My points went down by 10.
did that
good! I don't know the answer. I would have answered it, but I didn't know it
Guys this isn't a chat room, don't discuss things in such depth here :3

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This site has never used Wordpress anywhere, not on the main site nor on the Q2A section. I don't know where you got that idea.

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