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Whenever I'm on Pokébase, it says 'Welcome to the site WoonderWaffle. This is a bit different to a normal forum...

But shouldn't it say: This is a bit different THAN a normal forum...

I just wanted to point it out, because as a grammar Nazi, it bugs me. :D

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No, the way they put it is fine. :3
"This is a bit different to a normal forum"

See, the "to" in the sentence puts a relation of difference between this site, and any other pokemon site that is more of a "forum site". So when you use "to" in that type of way,  it compares that some things on the site will be and are different to those of a normal forum. So in the end, it basically means the same thing to either have "to" or "than" in that sentence.
Also, speaking about being a "grammar nazi", wouldn't you thus be in the wrong, by using "grammar error" as your title? If I recall correctly, it should be "Grammatical Error".  :P

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Now you mention it, actually it should be "different FROM".

I was always taught it is "similar to, different from".

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None of them were right o.O