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A Lot of People always ask for battling in the chat section though Via Nintendo. Since many of us actually have the games, and do trade, battle, etc. Why don't we have a small little page (Under Community), maybe named as Via Battling? (Remember this is a Suggestion). On the page, Users can list there friend codes, but no more then because personal information such as location and real life names are prohibited. So this is just an idea me and a couple friends were going over. It would improve the site, and the use of experience through battling REAL people. Personally, I think the MAIN negative is that when many users would list there friend codes, and then talk about it in chat making it a huge spam block for users.

Note: This is not related to any Tournament type suggestion what so ever

Quick Links: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/1976/@pokemaster-about-friend-codes

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Suggested many times before, and it probably wont happen until the forum is up
Thanks for the info :D

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Pokemaster said this will be included in the Forums part of the Database, which should be up and running soon :3

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I thought so, Thanks alot.