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Wouldn't it be a bit easier to make it either a requirement, or make an available space on new and created accounts, for the person to post their friend codes, rather than having to search through the "Whats your friend code?" question for the person that you're looking for? Also, if the feature isn't already available, create an account search - that comes up with possible accounts in case you can't spell the account name - so that you can go to the persons profile, and look at their friend codes.

Again - This change to avoid having to look through the all the answers an comments on the "Whats your friend code?" question, possibly putting in the wrong code, losing your place and putting in a part of multiple separate codes, etc.

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Yeah, I've been thinking about getting rid of the friend code question. Most users have put their FCs in their profile, and are usually organising the battle in the chat anyway.

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Please don't. I use my answer to post questions 'cause I can't at Pokebase, thanks to your rule. I need ideas for something, and people could check my answer to figure it out.