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I really don't have many friends on my 3ds and need some for the Friend Safari in XY. I don't have a single complete friend safari and have had the main story beat since it came out. I've seen other sites with a page specifically for that, so just wondering if there's something like that or if not then where can that be done?

Use the chat for now.

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We used to have a meta thread for Friend Codes going back many many years, but the post got extremely clogged and messy. On a regular basis, it actually failed to load.

As such, it's not something we would consider starting again until the forum section arrives (eventually). For the time being, you should use user wall pages as well as the chat room if you want Friend Codes from this community specifically.

Honestly though: I don't know why anyone would come to us for Friend Codes when sites like Reddit have 10x better resources for that. Their platform is made for that stuff, unlike ours. Pages like /r/FriendSafari are stupidly active, considering X/Y are almost five years old now.

Okay, I see. Thank you for the other suggestions. I'd upvote you if I could... How would the forum section be different than PokéBase anyway?
The forum section would ditch the question and answer format and just adopt free-flowing discussion as a focus. So then we’d have a platform that would work with endless threads like Friend Code requests, among a list of other things we don’t currently allow or simply relegate to the chat room.