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As previously suggested/asked in the meta, I agree that a friend safari/friend code page should happen, however, I'd like to elaborate, and I think that instead of just using THAT question like a thread for that purpose, you could create something more organized where you can search for the type or specific pokemon found on a friend safari.

For example, I wanted to breed something with my noivern, so any first slot pokemon in the flying type safari would do. I search "Flying" and anyone with that type safari shows up.

Or, if my purpose is to get a gale wings fletchinder. I can search for "Fletchinder" instead.

Nobody actually "posts" their friend safari, but instead they maybe fill out a small form on their profile or something like that. This would be a lot easier to use than scrolling through a "forum" of answers and comments.


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This probably isn't going to happen, if it does, it will when the forum comes up. Searching through it isn't really inconvenient, but if you need to, just hit Control / Command G and type a Pokemon or type.

*Or Ctrl+F for Windows users. :3
Cmd + f for Mac o3o