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The reason im suggesting this is because I get confused with pronouncing a Pokémon's name it's not that I can't read im an excellent reader its just that some of these Pokémons names are strange and I find it a bit difficult. Leave a comment if you think this is a good idea.

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This would be highly difficult, since it requires the anime and watching all episodes of the anime.
You could always have the phonetic spelling in brackets next to the actual name.
Or, instead of watching every anime episode, you could just look up the appearances of Pokemon who's pronunciation we're unsure of.
Already suggested and denied.
Not sure why this is hated on, I quite like to idea, although it would be difficult.

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This was already asked here. It's a good idea, I'll get round to it at some point. Perhaps this could be another thing the community helps with?

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I'm sure we wouldn't mind that ;)
^^^^ I could finally Contribute :D
I dropped out on the last contribution ;-; so I'll definitely help with this one!!
Okay, son. But you gotta be thorough this time! The United States Marines take no quitters!
Just curious, Pokemaster, I believe a different question suggested this and was denied because some Pokemon may have controversy to their names?
I don't think this is really that necessary because they have name origins. Isn't that enough to know how to pronounce it?
This is actually possible. In all the Pokemon Handbooks they actually note the correct pronunciation. That's if they are official though - it's not made by the actual Pokemon people. o.o
We would need a better source then the anime though since the anime has also made some mistakes, for example in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, Arceus is pronounced as Ar-see-us meanwhile it was officially confirmed as Ar-kee-us.