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That's asking for the ability to edit silently, which Pokemaster can probably easily implement to the lower ranks if he wanted to. This is asking for a new addition which is absent in the status quo.

Plus, it doesn't have a picture of The Silence. :P
I clicked on this and now I'm going to have nightmares.
Just be glad this topic has nothing to do with weeping or angels. :P
When I saw the picture, I thought there would just be a really awesome picture of something, but when I saw that I was scared to death. O_O
Come on guys, it's not that scary xD
Nah, it's pretty scary. Especially when you take into account how their mouths open up when they're about to zap you with lightning. Their design is based off the famous painting The Scream if that gives you any idea. Although their most frightening characteristic is most certainly the fact that when you look away from them, you forget they are there.

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Not possible currently. Not sure if it's gonna be particularly useful in general.

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