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Idk if this is a good suggestion.

You can chose some things that you know much about. For example OU. Questions with the tag OU. Will be recommended for you. Recommended questions will pop up somewhere i'm not sure where. Maybe in the "My Updates" section or "Questions"

It would maybe look like this.
Recent - Hot! - Most Votes - Most Answers - Most Views - Recommended for you.

Will be updated. Feel free to downvote if you think this is a bad idea.

Example Tags.

Diamond/Pearl, Competitive Battling, Movesets.

I know much about Diamond/Pearl cause' I've played those games a lot. I add it to my recommended questions.

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I love this suggestion, considering that I don't do competitive battling - it would be nice to hide those questions. :3
So basically a tag search?
If so that's a good idea.
Sounds good, but isn't it basically the same as our already-implemented "Related Questions"?
Um not really. Related questions goes off things with a similar title, so can be vague and un-related (the irony). Jof means something like you could almost subscribe to a tag  as such

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Actually this exists already, but it's not obvious. Here's what you do:

  • Click a tag you're interested in, e.g. black-white-2.
  • Click the favorites star on the right.
  • Go to "My updates" then "My favorites".

You will now see all questions including your favorite tags (and favorite users if you added any).

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