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I mean online games on DB.
Sometimes chat is dead sometimes.
Feel free to flag / down vote.

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I don't understand really.
Like get a game or two on the website.
Too much hassle. I can't see this happening.
I actually like this - I mean, it would be a huge hassle indeed, but it would be nice if it could happen.
If chat is dead, you don't have to stay, no one is forcing you to do something that bores you here. If chat is stone-cold-dead as a Dusclops, go out and frolic in the sunset, read a good book, start your own space programme. And if you really want to play the Gameboy games, play them on a actual Gameboy, or one of many emulators scattered across the Internet. Here, on the DB, it is completely redundant, it serves no purpose and just creates alot of work for PM.
If you want to play games. Go to another website. If you wanna talk about games stay here. :D

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Obviously we can't actually put Game Boy games or any Pokemon ROMs on the site for legal reasons.

I have thought about adding a few games to the site for fun (just simple things like a Pairs game or guess the Pokemon) but there is always something more important to do. Maybe I'll get round to it at some point.

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