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I was originally gonna call it "Hall of Fame" but there already was a meta post for tournament winners but going on.

There should be a section in the Battle Subway where the best teams are put in there that are agreed upon experts and the community. Why? Simply because it makes the great and solid teams out there recognized and can also help out struggling teambuilders since they have something to work off.

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Seems a great idea. Similar to Smogon you could call it the "RMT Archive" :)
You can set up a page for it on the BS. (don't want to clog up mtea) It's not like it would be clogging up the BS anyway xD
Once asked I will answer with a format. People can request teams to go in (though I think I may add a few old ones by Hex) and people will decide whether the team is worthy enough :)
And if team requests get too full, we can just put the ones with more upvotes in there first. :D
Hopefully that's not how it works. There are so many teams that have plenty of upvotes that are no better than decent. Only maybe 4/20 of the top voted teams deserve the amount they have. Even myself have teams that have more votes than they probably should. Just some teams have 5-10 votes in some cases more than they should. If we were to do top voted, there wouldn't be much point as we already have a list of top voted :P
Also just the one with the most upvotes is bad, because someone can make dupe accounts and farm votes. I probably won't have the time to set up a page on te BS though. I'd rather have somebody elese do that, because its not easy to do alot on a mostly mobile user. ;3
I'd do it c:
I think though the best way to get an RMT in the archive is to have a process look like this:
Post nominated RMT with the link and support why it should make the list. Include how the team is structured (playstyles, cores, important members) how it fit in the correct metagame, and what it achieves.
Let people up vote what they want. The top (maybe 3-5) go to the council (idk, Parliament, wtf, who cares) made up of top battling users who choose which RMTs (yes plural, we could have a class of more than 1 RMT go up) at a time) .
An RMT can only be suggested 3 different times, if rejected a third time the RMT can't make the list.
I love this idea, probably one of my favorite so far! However Pokemaster is working on the forum still so maybe we can just have one page/thread for the best teams and until the forums are up we can just link the teams on the thread.
That would make more users recognize RMT also

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I'll answer this for Captain.

No. Not now.

The Battle Subway isn't about showing off, you especially Blob need to learn that. Wait for the forum so you guys don't ruin the BS even more.

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No user should run it (besides the obvious exception of Pokemaster). It's an entire section of the site, not the Database League or some other single thread. An entire section of the site is overseen by all mods equally. While some mods might take the job as caretaker of a particular section such as Mew is the "head" of his replay thread, I'm kinda the head of the tournament thread (although all mods can start tournaments under the rules we have agreed upon), and some user (I forget who) was in charge of the Database League. And even then, our control of these parts are generally in name only and with the consent of the other mods.
+has good experience in all tiers/ is actually active on the current rmt section
I understand why Ninja would want to claim a section to mod, as this too is done on Serebii and Smogon.
serebii/smogon =/= database
I don't wantto run it, I want to organize it. Running it would annoy me and people don't like me annoyed.