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Everytime I try to put up a photo on my answer it will never work...
Can somebody help me and tell me how to put pictures on ?

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Anytime you are asking or answering a question, a bar appears above the answering bar
This is the format bar:
enter image description here
To add a picture you must simply press the window icon and add in the URL of the image
Then the image will appear in the answer once you submit it

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I do that but then the picture always shows with this cut on it and then it doesnt appear, Am I maybe putting the wrong URL?
You have to put in the URL of the page where only the picture is visible  like this :http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/18000000/awesome-absol-the-pokemon-absol-18094640-900-708.jpg
If there are other stuff on the page, the picture will not appear
Right click and press copy image URL on the image you want. Or you can go into its page properties depending on which browser you're using and copy the URL from there.