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Ok, as you may know (or not) I haven't been on in FOREVER! I come to find the site has completely changed, and I have no idea whether someone is a newbie or if they actually changed their name. In fact, moments ago, I saw the name "Mewderator" and couldn't figure out if it was Mew or some older user with a similar name. Thanks for reading!

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Welcome Back!
Welcome back :)
Yeah this has been suggested before, it was sorta rejected each time :3
^^ They say it's for privacy reasons. But really, I think it's a decent suggestion. Screw privacy.
XY is reelin' them back in one-by-one.

Welcome back, great idea that I can't believe I never thought of... O.o
Thanks guys :) Though it wasn't X and Y that brought me back!

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I've answered similar questions before. It's up to users to put their previous names in their profiles, e.g. in the About Me section.

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