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It won't let me join any of the lobbies. The one time I was able to today, it disconnected me.
So any ideas what's wrong?

Update: Okay, so I can get on, but then it takes 30 seconds for what I type to post, and before that it gives me "Your message was not sent because you've been typing too quickly."

Update 2: It delays everything, including battle inputs. Don't make me have to use PO. ;-;

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Absolutely no idea :D

Hope it helps! :D
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;-; But I said I hope it helped
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use po.

~Helplful ;3
Shouldn't this be directed at smogon / PS if it happens on all the servers? Or at least on our server thread. I believe im correct in saying we don't normally deal with this stuff.

That said I have no idea how to fix it. Have fun being lonely :3
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Hope this helped.

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Hmmm, this could be a few things. Most likely it's one of PS' phases were atleast most users go through lag periods. Nobody knows why this happens but it usually sorts itself out after a day or two.
The second is that there's some lag in one of our scripts which is causing the server to slow down a bit, but if you're the only one witnessing this lag then I doubt it's script lag.
Possibilty number 3 is the VPS, the server PM is running is an English server i'm guessing. So if your internet provide isn't running as fast as normal and you're trying to join an English server yu may experience some lag. (I highly doubt this one though)

So overall I suggest clearing your browser cache and sitting it out. You'll just have to deal with the lag until it sorts itself out. If it continues comment below and I'll look into it.

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It is actually a problem for all sites on Showdown. I just asked here since I respect the input that is provided by you and Ninja in these matters. It seems to be fixed for now. My wireless has changed as I'm now in a dorm, so that might be the problem. Working once or twice does not guarantee continuous use after all. Or it could be one of those lag periods you talked about.
Sciz has it all right, if the problem isnt fixed in a few days, try a new browser.
That actually worked Ninja. I used Internet Explorer and it started working again. Thanks!