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Just a quick little suggestion. I hope to get big on meta, so I wanna help out as much as possible, starting with small, neat stuff :P

Basically, there should be an activity status on your profile, simply 'active', possible 'semi-active', or 'in-active', obviously depending on how much activity. If regular activity is achieved (either chat log ins, comments and questions made and/or answered or both) then it would appears as active in your profile, and etc for the rest. it would just make it that easier to see who's around and who isn't.

Alternatively, you could give us an option on our profile. We could set it ourselves when we want it to display as active, in-active or semi active.

I know some people do say whether they are active or not in their profile, so this obviously isn't major or necessary, just a little add-on that could be useful.

Thanks for reading, Lord Pokemaster or anyone else XD

Good idea ... I wish I could upvote, prof ' :D
i like the idea! GL with getting big on  meta :3

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