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Round One match ups

StarsignOfTheAbyss vs Lombro Winner: Lombro
Flaf vs DB~Valet Winner: DB~Valet
trachy vs fizz Winner: fizz
$tarfire vs Mr.Kijani Winner: MrKijani
Pokenubz vs Hotcakes Winner: Pokenubz
The Pyromancer vs Jar Jar Winner: The Pyromancer
Pokeslash gets a bye


So sorry guys I haven't been active recently due to family issues. I will be much more active starting today.

Round 2

Your Pokemon now must evolve :3
MrKijani vs DB~Valet Winner: DB~Valet
DF vs Pokeslash Winner: Dr.Flame
Pokenubz vs Fizz Winner: Pokenubz
Lombro gets a bye

Round 3

Your Pokemon should now be in their final evolution
DB-Valet vs Lombro Winner: Lombro
Pokenubz vs DF Winner: Pokenubz

Round 4

Pokenubz vs Lombro Winner: Lombro

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*got an extremely long bye like a boss*
Blob you broke your promise :D
Wait a minute.. *suddenly realizes that since I got a bye, my first battle with this team will be stage two Pokemon * EPIC. I didn't even have to battle with baby Pokemon!
Sorry for being late, me an Poke/ battled. I won, thought it was a rematch :\ because i had to go on the other battle

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Showdown Name: Brotad, Johnny Lombravo or Dat 'Tad
Times on: highly varied, typically random occurences bween 4-10 pm EST
Team: Bagon Timburr Abra Magnemite Gastly Mudkip

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team copier. JK.
lol :P
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Im in
Showdown Name: Pokenubz, E4 Nubz, PimpNubz
Time: Whenever I am on showdown I can battle
Team: Happiny, Chimchar, Beldum, Gible, Squirtle, Starly

Vs. Once
Unfortunately, showdown replays arnt working, so you just have to take my word for it that it was a great battle against Fizz.
Vs. DF

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125 turns with half of it being useless
Yup :3