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Authproblems Server

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Server is back up for a few weeks now again. But in my opinion we need more auth there.
The reason why:

  • A lot of spam happends when the mods aren't looking or aren't there (Jessica alba ass is one of them)

  • A lot of fights happen

Since the Gymleaders have been put back to Voice again they can't handle the spammer or the user(s) that is harrassing another person.

I personally hope we get some more auth due this matter

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People who should be Promo'd to mod

Catnipz. I know she is still in the US but she is around a lot anyway and often witnesses these attacks

People who should be driver:

Flare (if he becomes active again)
Either Poke'Slash or Mr.K, again since both come on at peak times along with other timezones in general

we do need a few more European Mods or Drivers, but obviously we may not be able to do that so theres no point whining about it.

If this does happen we may need more voices, but then again it's more of a reward then an auth so it may not matter.
following Adam's comment:
I have bean thinking on some people who would be good for an "upgrade" i guess we could call it:

VALET: valet is very trustworthy and will not abuse power. valet is also on alot and especially when Jessica Albas Ass is online. BUT valet does have a habit to be... AFK, only a little

Last Chance Breaker: Also known as Professor. Xerillia (something like that) he has been a loyal and trustworthy friend on DB. I think he deserves an "upgrade" foe definates.

BLOBYOLO: Blob is another option, like adam said, Blob could have an "upgrade from what he already is. He does seem to be onling when "Jessy" is on...

KnightofDragon: pretty much the same as Prof.X tbh

this is pretty much it :) i might be adding more people later.

y u no put me ;-;
lmfao KoD.
Yeah, I already have auth on my doop Leader Cakey :>

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I'll take in what all you guys have said - thanks for your opinions - but at the moment I think the amount of authority on the sever is fine. Jessica has been the only real problem but she has caused problems everywhere. Besides you complained about having too many staff on the original server.
Thanks once again for your feedback!

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Perhaps giving & /permaban?
So now we're calling her Jessica.
Jessica Albas ass is a he. I Talk to him sometimes :L apparently his girlfried gives him trouble.... idk why thats relevant, it just is :3
Jessica Alba's Ass is fishbow.  Idk if thats relevant but whatevz.