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Help design the DB server!

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The current background / CSS was a play around but now I'll work on the proper one!
Answer this question with your suggestions and they'll be considered in the final design. Add any custom artwork you think would suit it as well.

Help out the server!

EDIT: Ok so some of these answers are a little on the stupid side. Don't post something that only you or a small group of people would like, this is a community so think of what would suit others as well as yourself.

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It's not blood, it's an aura.
@ Adam, and/or anyone else, Screenshot plz? :3
Here's the lobby http://imgur.com/mOPHIrH and the backround http://imgur.com/rtD6gcw
Thank oo Zodiac!
No dark backgrounds peeps qq that kills eyes

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As would be expected, I am pushing for Ludicolo. More specifically, I am pushing for the funkiest Ludicolo trainer

Miror B

![enter image description here][1]

In honor of that awesome hairdo, I propose a vertically split red and white background, either featuring purple text or golden text, which ever outfit is preferred. And of course, I propose that a funky Ludicolo be one of a group of mighty fine suggested pokemon. Of course, I might be a little blinded by Miror B's pure disco glory, but then again, he's so glorious.

Let the Music Play
[1]: http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/vp/image/1367/03/1367032920666.jpg

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Miror B is a she, pretty sure.
Nah, it's a he.
#Miror Base
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It should have all the starter Pokémon on it, with a forest, a river and a volcano to represent grass, water and fire. All the grass-types should be positioned inside the forest, all the water-types should be placed on the edge of the river or in the water, and all the fire-types should go near the volcano.

It may be a little complex, but I think it's a good idea.

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that'd be so cluttered D:
Yeah..put like 1-2 legends of that type and what ever other pokes you want
I can see that happening! :D
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Well, for the lobby where all the chatter happens, I'd put like a Chatot with a musical note coming out of it's note. Evidently because, it's a chat room <3
Also, the Drapion seems like it's had a sugar rush and is looking for someone who is dead unbeknownst of it. o_o

As for the background that Eeveelution showed, I'd put an Eevee there. And then, below (or above) the Eevee, I would put like 'BE CREATIVE AND AMAZING' or something like that. Obviously something that matches all parts of the site. :D

Hope I helped,. :)

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Ooh... an upvote. :D
/me barfs
What is better - a big, ugly picture of jaja or my lovely design? :D
A big, beautiful picture of me.
I prefer my avatar, actually. xD
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I think it looks fine as is xD

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It should look like DB chat.

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I think that all the colors used in the design should be matched to all types, including fairy type, to show that there is no favoritism of the Pokémon for the website.

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Black background with purple text

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Isn't that Labrador Tower's design? Omg no, that kills my eyes.
You mean lavendertower? lavendertower has red & black.
Labrador tower xD
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There should be a link to the db recent activity page and everything should be orange. everything, he ext, the backround, he userlist, the portraits of Jaja EVERYTHING!

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I am jaja, and I approve this message.
i upvoted for the portraits of jaja
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Hai, I really think it should have Espeon on it... And Hydreigon... And Mega Gardevoir... Blue background.... Purple text?
If you dont like my idea then in the final design it MUST have Espeon :D

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It should have orange or red-orange letters with a dark background. Put either a Heatan on Lucario on it. Maybe Lucario with a bit of aura stuffz. xD

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I am ev and I approve this message. i suxaphone :3
No. Nothing with a dark background o.o
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My gravatar. Ominous, just like the battlers here.

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yeah the skill of battling here is ominously bad
:3 jks