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Since there have been so many 'Yays' for this, here you go ~

Basically, we need ideas for Mega Pokemon to add to a tier called the "Mo' Megas" tier. What I need you to do is leave the Pokemon to Mega evolve as an answer with stats, moves and abilities so that if they become popular we can add them to the Mo' Megas tier.

Pokemon that have been confirmed (8 or more votes): Megas: 20/20. We are only starting out with a few, then we may add more.

  • Mega Starmie 60 | 85 | 95 | 140 | 95 | 135 | 620
  • New Ability: Storm Drain
  • Mega Golem 80 | 130 | 170 | 65 | 95 | 55 | 595
  • New Ability: Solid Rock
  • Mega Metagross X 80 | 135 | 130 | 145 | 140 | 70 | 700
  • New Ability: Filter | New Type: Fighting / Steel
  • Mega Metagross Y 80 | 185 | 120 | 115 | 80 | 120 | 700
  • New Ability: Bulletproof
  • Mega Farfetch'd 52 | 95 | 75 | 53 | 72 | 105 | 452
  • New Ability: Huge Power | New Type: Fighting/Flying | New Move(s): Close Combat
  • Mega Mienshao 65 | 160 | 65 | 125 | 65 | 120 | 610
  • New Ability: Sheer Force | New Type: Fighting/Fairy | New Move(s): Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam
  • Mega Meganium 80 | 92 | 135 | 103 | 145 | 70 | 625
  • New Ability: Spring Breath | New Move(s): Sleep Powder
  • Mega Parasect 60 | 125 | 115 | 40 | 115 | 45 | 500
  • New Ability: Poison Heal/Natural Cure | New Type: Bug/Fairy | New Move(s): Wood Hammer, Moonlight, Recover, U-turn, Play Rough, Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak, Reflect
  • Mega Kingler 55 | 150 | 145 | 35 | 100 | 90 | 575
  • New Ability: Tough Claws | New Type: Water/Steel | New Move(s): Bullet Punch, Iron Head, Aqua Jet
  • Mega Golurk 89 | 159 | 110 | 65 | 110 | 60 | 583
  • New Ability: Iron Fist | New Type: Steel/Ghost
  • Mega Luxray 80 | 140 | 99 | 95 | 99 | 110 | 623
  • New Ability: Strong Jaw | New type: Dark/Electric
  • Mega Solrock|70 | 130 | 106 | 55 | 105 | 85 | 540
  • New Ability: Drought | New Type: Fire/Steel or Fire/Rock | New Move(s): Flare Blitz
  • Mega Beedrill 65 | 110 | 90 | 45 | 90 | 110 | 515
  • New Ability: Huge Power | New Type: Poison/Bug | New Move(s): Sacred Sword, Sky Uppercut, Night Slash, Bulldoze, Megahorn, Forest's Curse
  • Mega Mismagius 60 | 60 | 80 | 150 | 135 | 110 |595
  • New Typing: Ghost/Fire | New Move(s): Searing Shot
  • Mega Machamp 90 | 130 | 90 | 105 | 95 | 95 |605
  • New Ability: Iron Fist/Weak Armor | New Type: Fighting/Ghost | New Move(s): Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Mach Punch, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb
  • Mega Milotic 95 | 70 | 109 | 130 | 155 | 81 |640
  • New Ability: Multiscale | New Type: Water/Fairy | New Move(s): Dazzling Gleam
  • Mega Flygon X 80 | 115 | 85 | 115 | 85 | 140 | 620
  • New Move(s): Bug Buzz
  • Mega Flygon Y 80 | 105 | 100 | 135 | 100 | 100 | 620
  • New Ability: Compoundeyes | New Type: Bug/Dragon | New Move(s): Bug Buzz
  • Mega Muk 105 | 135 | 120 | 65 | 120 | 55 | 600
  • New Ability: Gaseous Aura | New Type: Poison/Dark | New Move(s): Sucker Punch, Parting Shot, Earthquake, Foul Play, Recover, Pursuit, Magic Stench, Toxic Spikes
  • Mega Electrode 60 | 50 | 110 | 85 | 125 | 150 | 580
  • Ability: Volt Absorb | New Move(s): Nuzzle, Magic Coat, Recover, Overheat


  • Sceptile
  • Starmie
  • Swampert

I will be doing the spriting. I can't do models because I have no clue how so deal with it :v.
You can post sprites for ones you have suggested but if people don't think they're up to scratch we will use mine. (Not trying to sound superior here :/ )

You can see the current sprites that I have done here.


  • Megas must gain 100 BST, no more, no less without permission. Also No HP Boosts while making the stats.

Note: Please make one mega per answer, so people can upvote what they like. If the image is massive please resize it. Having large images slows down the page.

Note: I'm holding back this project until after Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as not all Mega's for the new games have been decided so I don't want to be adding codes that Zarel will add later on when PS updates.

Enjoy ~

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Aw jeez, my Gallade never got a chance :/
There won't be mega Swampert or Sceptile until a later date.
personally, i think we should do the ones with most votes first *ahem*
mega metagross then?
Bhamp? Was just wondering when this is going to happen

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ok, lets try to make some use of one of my fav pokemons
enter image description here
mega meganium!
stat changes:

HP:	     80	
Attack:	 92	(+10)
Defense: 135 (+35)
Sp.Atk:	 103 (+20)
Sp.Def:	 145 (+45)
Speed:	 70 (-10)

new egg move: sleep powder

New Ability: Spring Breath (i suck at names). summouns grassy terrain. i took this idea from meganiums pokedex description: "its breath has the fantastic ability to revive dead plants and flowers"

the biggest change with this is meganiums new ability that summouns grassy terrain. mega meganium would be a good staller and a great sweeper too due to the fact that grassy terrain is simply a fake adaptability as it powers up all grass moves. this would give him a chance in UU or maybe even OU

suggested spread:

meganium @ meganite
trait: overgrow --> spring breath
252 Hp/ 252 Def/ 4 Spd
calm nature
- sleep powder
- giga drain
- leech seed / dragon tail
- substitute / hp fire / synthesis

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Mega Meganium, a Mega Mega, haxor!
Needs moar votes.
11 votes

enter image description here

Tired of Ferrothorns? Had enough of Chesnaughts? Feel like spicing things up a bit with a new Mega? I say it's time we give this fella a bit of a boost!
Mega Parasect

While other bugs like Pinsir and Heracross gets megas, Parasect is left in the forest for itself with its other bug and grass friends like Ariados and Butterfree.
Although Parasect is pretty viable in rain with Dry Skin already, this is a very cool Pokemon that does need a boost if people are gonna feel tempted to use it.
With Uncle T-Hexman's new Mega evolutions™, we got just what we need to bring Parasect back in business!


Ability: Poison Heal/Natural Cure/Dry Skin

New stats: HP: 60 > 60
Attack: 125 > 95 (+30)
Defense: 115 > 80 (+35)
Special Attack: 40 > 60 (-20)
Special Defense: 115 > 80 (+35)
Speed: 45 > 30 (+15)
Total stat increase: +100

New egg moves: Wood Hammer, Moonlight/Recover, U-turn, Play Rough, Sucker Punch/Shadow Sneak, Reflect.

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But cool pokemon +1
What about it lol
Nothing. Just not what I would have chosen is all xD. The Pokemon is great and I look forward to seeing it in action
HP can't change on a mega

(unless we want it to)
It doesn't and it shouldn't.
I edited the spread so it no longer gains HP :)
10 votes

Mega Metagross Y: Nuff said. Stays Steel / Psychic.

Ability: Bullet Proof

Original Stats: 80 | 135 | 130 | 95 | 90 | 70 | 600 |
Gained Stats: +0 | +0 | +0 | +50 | +50 | +0 | +100 |
Improved Stats: 80 | 135 | 130 | 145 | 140 | 70 | 700 |

Mega Metagross X: Nuff said. Becomes Fighting / Steel. Debatable.

Ability: Filter

Original Stats: 80 | 135 | 130 | 95 | 90 | 70 | 600 |
Gained Stats: +0 | +50 | -10 | +20 | -10 | +50 | +100 |
Improved Stats: 80 | 185 | 120 | 115 | 80 | 120 | 700 |

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1155 o_o
It isn't 700 speed.
imo X should be a Dark-Steel type
I like Mega Metagross X which is why I up voted but I don't really like Mega Metagross Y's design. How about this for it's design: http://th05.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2013/336/5/e/mega_metagross__fake__by_tails1000-d6wkffx.png
I like
haha,  dannys megagross has a Y on its face xD
Last vote, coooool!
9 votes

Mega Kingler
Typing: Water/Steel
Ability: Tough Claws
HP: 55
Atk: 150
Def: 145
SpAtk: 35
SpDef: 100
Spe: 90
Total:575 total

New Egg moves: Bullet Punch, Iron Head, Aqua Jet

Suggested Spread:
Kingler @ Kinglerite
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Trait: Tough Claws
Adamant Nature
- Aqua Jet
- Bullet Punch
- Swords Dance
- Knock Off

Credit to Flaf, Gliscurr, i suck qq and Mike for helping C:

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This is my favorite one :D!
;DD (filler)
We should have a Mega Clawitzer where it becomes the counterpart of Mega Kingler. Mega Clawitzer should have more Sp. Atk and Sp. Def while Mega Kingler has more Attack and Defense.
That...would be awesome C:
9 votes

I cannot stress how much I want this Pokemon to be used for Mega creation. Golem, the Pokemon that has been OU for 2 Gerneations, and considered one of the most Defensive of Walls of its time, Golem used to be Top Tier. After the beginning of Gen III, Golem has instantly dropped to UU, then NU for 2 more Generations.. Golem has been only used in NU ever since the introductions of massive Water+Grass Types, the Giga Drain Buff, the abundance of Fighting Types in Gen V, and being outclassed as the best thing it does, being a Physical Wall. Golem needs a Mega, sure there are other Pokemon that have always been weak and deserve one, but I highly suggest Golem due to the fact that it was actually a Top Tier threat, but have long since been a relic due to it's stats not being comparable to those of this Gen. Golem has always been a rival to Rhydon as well, they've only had minor differences... Rhydon got Eviolite AND an Evolution...... It's only fair that Golem gets to compete with the likes of Rhyperior by getting a Mega.

Mega Golem should represent this picture, it is a perfect showing of what a sturdy Rock would be:

Mega Golem should have a stat distribution of this:

80 Base HP
130 Base Attack {+10 increase}
170 Base Defense {+40 increase}
65 base Special Attack {+10 increase}
95 Base Special Defence {+30 increase}
55 Base Speed {+10 Increase}

Mega Golem's Mega Ability should definitely be Solid Rock and be retyped to pure Rock type, as it's the only one that makes the most sense... It's just a rock xD

This is my perception of Mega Golem, stats can be distributed differently, but the Ability cannot be changed, it's the best suited for it!

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I said he should be retyped to pure Rock ;)
Oh, sorry my bad I didn't see you had put it as a pure Rock type :P
Still I would love to see a Mega Evolution for Golem :D
Agreed :D!
Resized the pic a little bit, hope you don't mind.
Woah there... xD
9 votes
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Oh my gosh. You had to say this. xD
Cool a Steel-Ghost type. Truly a monsterous Pokemon.
Pretty good for a hand-made project. +1 :D
Nice idea!
9 votes

Mike, I gotta say thanks. Anyways, I have few things.

Mega Starmie. This was a cool art, but if other people have some feel free to comment with them. So, Starmie has been around for a LONG time. It has always been a top player, but I feel as if it is so... outclassed. Gastrodon, Toed, Greninja, and Blastoise really get a ton of attention, and now that Defog is here, Starmie isn't really needed anymore.

Ability: Storm Drain

Original Stats: 60 | 75 | 85 | 100 | 85 | 115 | 520 |
Gain Stats: +10 | +0 | +10 | +40 | +10 | +30 | +100 |
Improved Stats: 70 | 75 | 95 | 140 | 95 | 135 | 620 |

Now THAT's a Starmie. It's dangerous.

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I like this one for sure. I feel the stats are fairly balanced however maybe the attack boost is unnecessary and I would take 5 or so off the SATK. Remember it gets some pretty powerful stabs and with 140 base speed it doesn't even need Timid :)
Edited the ten off the Attack and into HP.
Still needs its gem..
That's a SexieStar... And You're Welcome!! :3
mega pokemon dont get extra hp...but other than that im liking it ;)
I love this one. Starmie really does need some more love.
If that was some real Mega art in the games, it would be weird since normally a Mega Pokemon would wave their head in the air howling when they've evolved... but Starmie doesn't have a head. o.o
8th vote..........
9 votes


Okay I'm sure as hell not the only one that got seriously annoyed when Fairy types were released and ended being super effective against both Dark and Dragon.

Mega Hydreigon

Mega Hydreigon

Type: Dark/Dragon

Ability: Myth Shield- Reduces the damage from attacks belonging to mythical creatures. So basically it reduces the damage of Dragon and Fairy type moves by half, so essentially the effectiveness of Dragon type moves become 1x and the effectiveness of Fairy type moves become 2x.


Hydreigon is the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that does not have a base stat over 130.
However, it is the only one not to have a base stat under 90.

Time to change that:


New Move: Sludge Bomb

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Oh my gosh! You beat me to it! xD We so need a mega hydreigon!! But I was thinking dragon/steel type to get it's huge fairy weakness out of the way ;>
Now that's a good ability! But I think mythical shield sounds better myth shield
myth shield.... what about only reducing  damage with 1.5 percent?
This needs an eighth vote
I hope 1 more person upvotes it, would love to see this guy in the tier
9 votes

Mega Mienshao

enter image description here
Typing: Fighting/Fairy
Trait: Sheer Force
HP: 65
Atk: 160
Def: 65
SAtk: 125
SDef: 65
Spe: 120
Total: 610

New Egg move: Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam

Suggested Spread:
Mienshao @ Mienite
Nature: Jolly
252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spe
Trait: Sheer Force
- Play Rough
- High Jump Kick
- Knock Off
- U-Turn / Hidden Power Ice

Credit with helping with this goes to Jojo, Glis and Mike

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Edited it a bit, now I'd say it's on a par w/ Mega Pinsir. No priority so vulnerable to revenge killing, and it's a lot less bulky, but it gets a more powerful STAB combination and has the option of going mixed.
It gets Fake Out...
Gdi, I need another ability...
That's better!
:DDD Glad no longer OP .-.
9 votes

![enter image description here][1]

Mega Solrock! Thanks to Valetbro for helping!

Solrock is another Poke that has been left in the dust by Game Freak, just going around in Meteor Falls waiting for a Mega, while Pokes like the new Mega Charizards and other megas like Tyranitar gets all the fresh stuff.
Feel like having a bit of good weather? Let's give Solrock a Mega evolution!

Type: Fire/Steel or Fire/Rock

Ability: Drought

New moves: Iron Head, Flare Blitz

New stats:
HP: 70 (+0 increase)
Atk: 130 (+35 increase)
Def: 105(+20 increase)
SAtk: 55 (+0 increase)
SDef: 105 (+30 increase)
Spe: 85 (+15 increase)
[1]: http://25.media.tumblr.com/6e7e483fcc85174d84e7b217ae6e1425/tumblr_mw87fpVRxF1rw7u8ro1_500.png

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Lunatone = Jelli
Also why change both of Solrock's original typings?
Because Fire/Steel is pretty darn awesome, although it could potentially be Fire/Rock, but I just felt like Fire/Steel is cooler.
Meteorite Iron :D?
Fire/Steel pls :3
9 votes

Mega Milotic

enter image description here
Wouldn't mind it looking like this
Ever been in a battle and suddenly thought: "Dang I don't really see Milotic anymore. What happened to it?"?
Ever thought to yourself: "Why isn't Milotic a Fairy type?"
While that may remain unknown for us humans, we do know that Milotic could use a bit of a boost.

Typing: Water/Fairy
Ability: Multiscale

Updated stats:

HP: 95 (+0)
Atk: 70 (+10)
Def: 109 (+30)
SAtk: 130 (+30)
SDef: 155 ( +30)
Spe: 81(+0)

New moves: Dazzling Gleam,

Credits to Hexman for writing the text and helping with this Mega ;>

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OMG Yes Milotic needs a Mega Evolution :D!
Gyrados (its 'counterpart') has a Mega...Milotic needs one!
Why no Moonblast? :c
9 votes

Mega Flygon Y

Type: Dragon/Ground
Ability: Leviate
HP: 80 (+0)
Atk: 115 (+15)
Def: 85 (+5)
SAtk: 115 (+35)
SDef: 85 (+5)
Spe: 140 (+40)
Total: (+100)
New move learned: Bug Buzz
Flygon is by far the worst of the big Dragons. Vastly outclassed by Garchomp and Salamenece in every regard. So, why not give him a niche only he can properly fulfill. With 140 Speed, it is the fastest of all Dragons, giving it a unique niche among big shots. 115/115 makes it easily capable of going mixed, special or physical, whilst still keeping it below the OP line.

Mega Flygon X

Type: Dragon/Bug
Ability: Compoundeyes
HP: 80 (+0)
Atk: 105 (+5)
Def: 100 (+20)
SAtk: 135 (+55)
SDef: 100 (+20)
Spe: 100 (+0)
Total: (+100)
New move learned: Bug Buzz
We all wish Flygon was Bug right? So why not? By giving it the Bug type, a new STAB move and better Satk, this Mega will have a unique coverage, and the power to back it up. By not being as speedy as its Y cousin and lacking a little on the Speed and defenses, it isn’t OP, but still being usable.

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Y had a +115. Toned it down a bit :P
Oh, thank you mate.
9 votes

Similar to my first suggestion, I got a few More I'd like to share. This one is another potential Pokemon who needs a Mega. It has Always been overshadowed and never used. This Pokemon, one of my favs, Electrode. Electrode has never been top-tier.... It has never been interesting after Gen III...... and it has nothing special going for it.... But with a Mega, it will have a very special niche.... A Niche no other Pokemon has....... A true Fast Bulky Support Pokemon. Electrode can be one of the best walls in the game"....... Just because of its Speed Tier alone..... It will be better than Skarmory for sure..... Too bad it gets no Recovery..... Yet ;) Electrode has always been overshadowed by Jolteon, Zapdos, and hell, even Raichu..... Electrode can change that and become what Zapdos would have become. Onward to the Mega:

Mega Electrode should definitely look like this(If anyone disagrees i will rage):

Mega Electrode as I said, should represent a Bulky Supporter with new specs.

60 HP
50 Attack
70->110 Base Defense(+40 Defense Increase)
80-> 85 Special Attack(+5 SAtk Increase)
80->125 Base Special Defense(+45 SDef Increase)
140->150 Base Speed(+10 Speed increase)

Mega Electrode should obtain what Zapdos always wished for, Volt Absorb as its new Ability. It's a Ball, it generates Kinetic Energy+Friction, so why not? New Moves Eletcrode should obtain are Nuzzle, Magic Coat, Recover, and Overheat. An explanation to Overheat is simple, if this Ball can explode, it's logical that it can also obtain heat from moving. Others are self explanitory.

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I love the new look, it looks like a master ball, making a person thinking its better than a pokeball.
Needs more love
I like the new moves part :D
You got my support!
20th Mega :D!
8 votes

Mega Farfetch'd

![enter image description here][1]

The honorouble bird pokemon, Farfetch'd. Before you laughed at it's stats and it's abilities, for it had grown old and senile. Now Farfetch'd returnsm but with his newly discovered Mega Stone to wreck havoc among those who had mocked it.
Typing: Fighting/Flying
Ability: Defiant --> Pure Power
52 HP ---> 52 HP ( +0)
65 Atk ---> 95 Attack (+30)
55 Def ---> 75 Def (+20)
58 SpA ---> 53 SpA (-5)
62 SpD ---> 72 SpD (+10)
60 Spe ---> 105 Spe (+45)
352 Total ---> 452 total

New Egg Move: Close Combat
[1]: http://i.imgur.com/FmJda5v.png

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Oh my. This is just... amazing
i like this too. Farfetch is my fav poké
LOLOL. Lol nice. RU at best. I'm so sorry...
please give it adaptability and some new moves like espeed though
Nice idea, you did what gamefreak did with mawile
8 votes

OK, I got my last 2 Pokemon a bit wrong. rather than editing them I'll just post a new one, this time without screw ups. It should be good too...

Just a cool image i found, doesn't have to look like that/

Machamp has been around also for a good, long time. It was never a bad Pokemon, but after some time it became greatly overlooked thanks to more enticing Fight types, or being outclassed my the Likes or Lucario and Conkeldurr. It can't keep up. It needed a breath of fresh air. So here it is!

enter image description here

Typing = Fight | Ghost

Stat boosts: I was thinking of making Champ from a special chump into a real Champ, but creating a usable mixed sweeper while keeping it's bulk up to scratch. I Dramatically increased it's Speed and Special Attack while keeping it's high attack the same, while slight investments into bulk both ways. Here:

Defense goes up by 10 (80 - 90)

Special Attack goes up by 40 (65 - 105)

Special Defense goes up by 10 (85 - 95)

Speed goes up by 40 (55 - 95)

All other stats stay the same

New moves: Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Mach Punch, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb.

Ability: Iron Fist / Weak Armour

Competitive Desc: This Pokemon is designed to bring a new aspect to Machamp. 105 SpAtk is more than usable, and if boosted by CM, can really do damage. While not quite as heavy offensive as Aegislash, it's typing is much more defensively viable and while in attack mode at least, has much better bulk. This makes it a more reliable alternative. 95 speed is pretty subpar, but it still outruns the majority of walls. And that's important, because this thing is a great wall breaker! It can use them to set up CM or Bulk Up, or use a Mixed set to wreck any stat oriented wall. It creates a good, all round Pokemon with a definite niche in today's metagame.

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I was thinking of making this into 2 formes (X&Y), anyone else think so too?
Yush pls, the other forme to surpass Conk :D?
I like this a lot!  MegaChamp FTW!
Not sure about the moves, but the design is pretty badass.
8 votes

Brought to you from the dastardly evil minds of Hex and MK......

Mega Muk!

enter image description here (Not Final, we want to improve the coloring)

Tired of browsing through the Pokedéx (here on the db, of course ;)), and always thinking: "Sigh, I wish Muk was better :/"?
You've come to the right Mega Poke producers, friend!
We've given Muk some new toys to work with, if this gets through of course.
Feel like running a bulky poison type but not sure which one to use? Maybe a band set? Maybe subroost? Mega Muk is waiting!
After years of hiding in the shadows and rummaging in dumpsters Muk's ready to come back and play in the big leagues. With a new typing, a unique ability and some epic bulk he's ready to go one on one with the biggest and the baddest. Think you can handle the stench? Only one way to find out.

Typing: Poison/Dark
Ability: Gaseous Aura (damages foe on contact)
Current stats: 105 / 105 / 75 / 65 / 100 / 50 | 500
New Stats:
HP: 105 (+0)
Atk: 135 (+30 boost)
Def: 120 (+45 boost)
SpA: 65 (+0)
SpD: 120 (+20 boost)
Spe: 55 (+5 boost)
BST: 600 (+100)

New moves: Sucker Punch, Parting Shot, Earthquake, Foul Play, Recover,
Pursuit, Magic Stench (Same effect as Heal Bell/Aromatherapy), Toxic Spikes

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For the Helix sake, not anything similar to that artwork.
Why? That would be the best :D
Lol Subroost MUK.
8 votes

Mega Luxray

This guy is one of my all time favorites and I'd love to see a mega evolution of it.


Type: Dark/Electric
Ability: Strong jaw(really good with its many bite-based moves)

Original stats: 80 HP/120 Atk/79 Def/95 Sp.Atk/79 Sp.Def/70 Spe

Improved stats: 80 HP/140 Atk/ 99 Def/95 Sp.Atk/ 99 Sp.DefSp.Def/110 Spe

Stats gained: 0 HP/20 Atk/20 Def/0 Sp.Atk/20 Sp.Def/40 Spe

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I want this.
7 votes

enter image description here

Mega Mismagius

Current Ghost : Levitate
60/60/60/105105105 Total = 495

Proposed Ghost/Fire
60/60/80/150/135/110 Total = 595
Notable new moves: Searing Shot

I guess Calm Mind wouldn't be the worst idea on this guy

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And Once, we can't add HP. It's up top. The surpassed BST was only used on Beedrill, so what are you talking about?
Psychic, I didn't say that to add to a conflict, I said that in case he wouldn't like me or anyone else posting their own opinion on a better Mega Mismagius in the comments.  Sorry if it seemed that way.
Oh I'm sorry, i'm the one who actually read that incorrently. I apologize. :/
It's quite alright.  Sometimes I don't explain myself very well because I assume that the other person will get a better lead into my thoughts than they do.  No hard feelings :)
Haha, if only I was truly a Psychic :0 But yeah, i see that happen sometimes to some people, as sometimes what people say can be read in different ways. Yay ^-^
7 votes

Oh boy, let's show them a good Mega!

Mega Porygon-Z

This Space duck demads attention similar to its introduction in DPP. Being a very underrated Pokemon last Gen, and mediocre pokemon in it's existence, Porygon hopes to get on stage one last time, and stay there for good.

New Ability: Modify
The opponent's moves go down 1 in the priority bracket. (Cannot drop moves at 0 or lower)


HP: 85
Attack: 80
Deffense: 70 -> 90 (+20)
Special Attack: 135 -> 175 (+40)
Special Defense: 75 -> 100 (+25)
Speed: 90 -> 105 (+15)

535 -> 635

Possible sets

Space Dux (Porygon-Z) @ Porygonite
Ability: Download -> Modify
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Tri Attack
- Dark Pulse
- Ice Beam / Substitute / Hidden Power Fighting
- Nasty Plot

Egg Moves: No new egg moves

Dictator Dux plays a simple role of just coming in and tearing teams apart. While one could argue that it is weaker than it's Choice Specs Adaptability set (barely lol), Porygon-Z is granted a much needed Speed buff. The extra bulk allows it to sponge a wide variety of attack, making it relatively easy to set up a Nasty Plot. Modify allows it to ignore Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, and Sucker Punch (and other common priority). *It does NOT negate priority enhancing Abilities [Gale Wings, Prankster, etc]. It makes priority lose 1 point in the priority bracket for any move that exceeds 0.

So no, you cannot make a Thundurus have a -1 TBolt, and allow you to outspeed it.

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Perhaps Porygon-Zite? For the "Z"? :D
You can't even kill this thing if you don't outspeed.
Gen 4 thing again.
7 votes

Mega Beedrill
The image you are looking for is not available because there isn't one!

Current stats: 65 / 90 / 40 / 45 / 80 / 75 | 395
Mega stats: 65 / 110 (+20) / 90 (+50) / 45 / 90 (+10) / 110 (+40) | 515 (+120)
Ability: Huge Power
New moves: Sacred Sword, Sky Uppercut, Night Slash, Bulldoze, Megahorn, Forest's Curse

Beedril was always the less common bug type in Kanto. Butterfly was cuter and more lovable. Beedrill felt annoyed by Butterfly's glory and so in secret he Evolved another step further into Mega Beedrill!

With his Speed and Attack now buffed up enough he can start taking on some of those threats we see normally outspeeding him. Huge Power allows him to score some vital KOs despite a lower than physical powerhouse average attack stat. Some new moves such as Bulldoze, Sacred Sword, Sky Uppercut and Night Slash allow him to take on steel types and Rock types who would otherwise wall him. Some powerful new STAB moves like Megahorn allow him to rack up the damage. His poison typing is great against Fairies who don't like taking a Poison Jab to the face, while U-Turn can provide some speedy scouting.

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What don't you people understand about no HP boosts..
You also can't gain more than 100 BST.
I gave him permission for 120, everyone liked the idea.

Glisc, there are HP boosts...
That's my tutor!
and then I realize.. that Mega Beedrill was already posted.. despite me double checking to be sure o-o